Simpro + EzzyBills

Automatic data feed to Simpro with EzzyBills AI technology

Best data capture & approval APP  for job and inventory management

Email bills or scan receipts to Simpro

EzzyBills is seamlessly integrated with Simpro. With just a few minutes needed to set up and connect to your Simpro account, you are ready to upload bills from your desktop, forward emails, or scan receipts to EzzyBills using a scanner or our EzzyBills Mobile App. Our smart data scanning software will read invoice data and publish them to Simpro. It’s effortless!

Scan Bills, Matching Orders in Simpro

Receipts to a Job Directly

Expense Approval to Simpro

What bill data are exported to Simpro?

  • All key bills data, such as suppliers, invoice date, invoice number, item details, total amount and taxes.
  • Match existing PO or contractor orders in Simpro.
  • Match line items superbly using smart algorithm.
  • Invoice file is attached to the bill.
  • Option to process bills to an empty PO or PO already with full items.

Process Expenses Directly to a Job

  • Use our Job Costing workflow to process expenses direct to a job.
  • Bypass purchase orders creation in Simpro.
  • Scan paper receipts using our Mobile APP to a job. Never miss a receipt again. 

Management Approval

Use EzzyBills’ approval workflows to get expenses approved before sending to Simpro. Any number of approval steps are allowed, with each step able to be smartly customised based on your rules.

Option to use EzzyBills Project Manager approval, where the approver is automated.

More Features for Simpro Users

  • Automatic document classification: bills vs. credit notes.
  • Special workflow to receipt progress payment.
  • Use multiple workflows to handle scenarios.
  • Price check.
  • E-invoices.
  • Google Drive & Dropbox integration.

Trusted by thousands of companies across the globe

Thousands of companies are using EzzyBills to feed data into their job and inventory software.  They have found EzzyBills to be a versatile and powerful software, suitable for all businesses, regardless of the industries they are in. Businesses love us for our simplicity and flexibility.  Most of all, our automation.  We meet your demands!

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