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EzzyBills User Guide

Upload files to EzzyBills for storage only

Login to your EzzyBills account, Use the same field that you upload your invoice to upload photos, but you need to tick “Blob.

In the Dashboard, you will see a new document tile is just created.   A unique doc ID number, highlighted on the screenshot below, associated with that photo you uploaded.

Once all photos have been uploaded, go to Apps on the menu, click “Download History”. Scroll down,  in the “How to?” section, click “Start”.  (find out more)

Click Dashboard (after a few minutes), move your mouse to the new document tile that is in different color. An Excel file containing recent uploads has been created (invoice_data.xlsx): click to download.

Open the Excel file.  In the “summary” worksheet, you will see a column named “File URL”.

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