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EzzyBills User Guide

Scan Invoices to Scoro

The integration between EzzyBills and Scoro will streamline your job/inventory management:  it will

  • Eliminate the data entry by using EzzyBills to import supplier invoices int Scoro
  • Automate the process of matching invoices with purchase orders
  • You will have the option of using EzzyBills Approval process to approve bills before getting paid.

I. Connect EzzyBills to Scoro

Follow the steps below to set up a free trial EzzyBills account and then connect to Scoro.

Step 1: go to and click “Try EzzyBills for Free” to sign up a 14 days free trial account. In the sign-up form, make sure to choose “Integrate With Scoro” as shown below. Click Submit to create a new EzzyBills trial account.

Step 2:  Get Scoro API Key: Login to your Scoro account (not EzzyBills), turn on Scoro API and request an API key from Scoro ( > Menu Settings > Site Settings > Integration > Scoro API). Download the API key (screenshot below).

Step 3:  Login to EzzyBills, click Apps on the menu, then click the Scoro logo, put the Scoro “company_account_id” (screenshot above) in “Scoro Account” (screenshot below) and Scoro API Key in the “Scoro Key” (screenshot below). Click Save.

Please note for Scoro, each company should have a different URL, eg. “ “. In this example, you will put “ezzy1” as the “Scoro Account” in the screenshot below.

II. Import Supplier Invoices into Scoro via EzzyBills to match a PO

The steps in the above setup create a workflow that for processing bills to match a PO in Scoro. In EzzyBills, click the Workflow menu, you will see the workflow below:

To process a bill related to a PO in Scoro

2.1. upload a supplier’s invoice to EzzyBills (via file upload, or email, or EzzyBills phone app).

  • EzzyBills will extract the PO number from the invoice if there is one, and look for the matching PO in Scoro with the same PO number.
  • If a match PO is not found in Scoro, you will have the option to (1) manually enter the PO in Scoro or 2) change the PO number extracted from the invoice in EzzyBills. In both case, you will need to click the “modify” link for the invoice in EzzyBills and make change if you need to, and click Save to trigger a re-process.

2. 2. After the matching PO is found in Scoro for the invoice:

  • we will export the supplier invoice to scoro as a Purchase Bill. An example of bill that we export to Scoro:
  • Scoro API does not support the link of the bill to the PO and so you will need to manually close the PO in Scoro.

III. Import Supplier Invoices into Scoro via EzzyBills, with the invoices not related to a PO

If you want to process invoices to Scoro which are not related to a PO, you will have this following option:

  • Create the 2nd EzzyBills account and connect to Scoro (as shown in Step 1)
  • Log in EzzyBills, click the Workflow menu, and click the workflow drop-down arrow and choose Scoro. Then click switch to this workflow. This workflow has no mandatory “Check PO Exist” workflow task.
  • You can upload both a bill that is associated a PO or a bill not associated with a PO to this account. But we recommend to use this account only for non-PO bills, and use the 1st account for PO-related bills.

IV. Item codes to export to Scoro

EzzyBills will read item codes and description on the purchase invoices if they are available. We will use item codes matching and description fuzzy to find the matching item codes in Scoro.

If we can find the matching item codes, we will export the lines as item lines, otherwise as service lines without item codes..

V. Additional EzzyBills Setting: the PO’s pending status in Scoro

In Scoro, there are default Status for Purchase Orders. Those that EzzyBills will match again a bill are “Draft”, “Issued/Approved”, “Partially Received”. EzzyBills will not match against PO of “Received/Completed” or “Canceled”.

In Scoro, you have the option to change the Status Name or Add new status. Therefore, in EzzyBills, we have one setting to handle this.

  • In EzzyBills, click Settings > Advanced Options, you can put all the PO status in your Scoro that you want EzzyBills to match a bill against in the Setting “PurchaseOrderPendingState” (separate them by comma). Click Save Settings afterwards.
  • Screenshot Below shows one example (in this example, two status “in Progress” and “Draft” are those for EzzyBills to match with.

Need Help?

Any questions, please email to

  • Let us know the DocID of the invoice, which is a unique EzzyBills number in 7 or 8 digits. You will find the DocID number in EzzyBills, one for each document we processed for you.
  • Describe what is situation and/or what is the issue.

We will help you quickly. EzzyBills Support Team will customise data extraction, add learning rules, conduct trouble shootings and handle feature requests from you.

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