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EzzyBills User Guide

What EzzyBills can do for you?

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File formats:

  • PDF, scans, email (attachment, hyperlinks, in-body), or
  • snap a photo with EzzyBills Mobile App
  • E-invoicing

How to send document to EzzyBills:

  • Use EzzyBills web portal – select files, or drag/drop files.
  • Email: to your unique EzzyBills upload address  (Option: email auto forwarding: Outlook, and Gmail)
  • Email Sync: Sync your AP email to EzzyBills (more)
  • snap a photo with EzzyBills phone app (more)
  • E-invoicing– receive invoices from your suppliers via E-invoicing.

Business transaction types:

  • bills
  • receipts as bills
  • receipts as Spend Money transaction allocated to a business bank account or credit card
  • sale invoices
  • purchase order extraction
  • supplier statement reconciliation (Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks Users)

Paperless approval:

  • Multiple-level management approval
  • Employee Expense Claim (Xero, QuickBooks user, MYOB) 

Customer Order Portal:

  • Your B2B customers can login and order your product  (read more)

What we automate?

  • invoice data extraction, with line details if available  (all users)
  • account code automation (all users) – based on your invoice history in your accounting software and supplier settings
  • stock/item invoices (all users) – tick setting “Allow Stock Invoices”
  • job trackings (Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks) – require setting changes
  • paperless approval

Custom Workflows

It allows you to add additional step in your invoice processing system. Find out more

EzzyBills Web Apps (via email and web portal)

Login to EzzyBills web portal, click the top menu “Apps” to see additional features.

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