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EzzyBills User Guide

05. Sale Invoices to MYOB

I. sale status – quote/order/invoice

EzzyBills processes sale invoices into MYOB as either of the options below


  1. For MYOB AccountRight, sale quotes/orders/invoices are the same document, but at different “status”.
  2. If you log in MYOB using a web browser, sale orders are now visible (new to MYOB as April 2023). After EzzyBills exports the sale order, you can review the order in MYOB and click “Covert to invoice”, MYOB will then convert the order to invoice, and the order still remains, but becomes readable only.
  3. If you login to MYOB AccountRight on your desktop, you will see sales in all 3 status.

How to upload & process sale invoices?

How to enable item invoice formats?

To enable item invoice formats, please follow the instruction on this link below to make required setting changes:

How to enable item codes and how item matching works at EzzyBills.

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