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EzzyBills User Guide

Approver only login (create “user” for approvers)

We now support an ‘Approvers’ only login. This allows an approver to login to EzzyBills and approve all their invoices via login rather than via email.

  • This is a new option for our customers, which does not change the existing ‘email’ approval methods.
  • An invoices are still sent to approvers via email,
  • Once login, an approver can see all invoices which were sent to this approver’s email address.

Create a HQ user with role of “approver”

For example, you have an existing EzzyBills account and I want Terry to be able to login to EzzyBills and approve his invoices, then you would do the following

  • upgrade your EzzyBills account to HQ (Settings > Advanced Settings > Upgrade to a HQ account). Log out and log back in.
  • create a HQ user Terry (go to HQ > Users > Add new user), you will be asked to provide his email address
  • switch the role of this newly created Terry account to “Approver”.

How to use it?

After Terry logs in, go to Search/Approve > All my approval. He will only see his invoices to be approved ( and can only approve his invoices.

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