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EzzyBills User Guide

01. Set up EzzyBills trial & Connect to Simpro

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Step 1: Setup an EzzyBills trial account

Go to and click Try EzzyBills for free; Follow the prompt to set up a user account – make sure choose Integrate With Simpro.

Step 2: Create an API application in your Simpro  

Login to your Simpro. In System > Setup > API > Applications, click Create Application. Enter “EzzyBills” as the Company and Name, and set Authentication Method to “API Key” then click Create.

Click the down arrow under the field Key File to download the key to a file. The file will look like the screenshot below. Copy the access_token and paste in Step 3 as the Simpro key.

The Simpro host name is whatever appears in your url when you login to Simpro. For example, the host name is “Billsbikes” if the url is

For more details on simPro API setup, visit

Step 3: Connect to Simpro

Go to Apps > Simpro icon. Below, provide the Simpro Host, Simpro Key and Company Name. Click Save. Click “Test Connect”.

Please note that in Simpro, for multi-company account,  the company names will show up on Front page (screenshot below)

How to set up EzzyBills accounts for multiple Simpro companies?

what to do if you have multiple simRPO companies to connect to EzzyBills

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