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EzzyBills User Guide

07. Product/Service Code Extraction (item codes)

With the “Product/Service” code, QuickBooks manages

  • non-inventory product/service, or
  • inventory product/service.

EzzyBills supports the Product/Service invoices, extracting and exporting the Product/Service codes, quantities and unit prices to QuickBooks.

Turn on item codes extraction in EzzyBills

  • login to EzzyBills, click Settings and go to “Advanced Options”, then tick “Allow Stock Invoices“. Click Save Settings.

How does it work?

With “Allow Stock Invoices” ticked and saved, when an invoice is sent to EzzyBills for processing, we extract the “item code” and “description” for each line of the invoice. We use “item code” or “description” to find matching product/service code in your QuickBooks.

  1. If the item code on the invoice exists in your QuickBooks, we will export this item code into your QuickBooks in the column Product/Service, with QTY.
  2. If the item code on the invoice file does not exist in your QuickBooks Product/Service codes, we will look for a matching one in your QuickBooks based on the description – namely “fuzzy item code”. If the fuzzy item code is found, we will export the line to your QuickBooks with item details, and the quantity; otherwise, the line will be exported to QuickBooks Online without item details (in the Category section).

(Screenshot 1 shows the case when item codes are exported to QuickBooks Online)

(Screenshot 2 shows a case when one item code on the invoice has no matching one in QuickBooks, whilst the other two below are.  So, mixed invoice lines are exported to QuickBooks.) 

“Default Item code” setting:

  • if a default item code is set in your EzzyBills Settings (under Advanced Options), and the default item code exists in QuickBooks, then we will export all invoices as an item invoice with this default item code (ignoring the item codes on the invoice – skipping the item description matching).  You will need to make sure the default item code exist in your QuickBooks account. If not, add it before using it. 
  • Please note in the the “Default item code” setting above, use the “SKU” code for this Product/Service in QuickBooks. If the SKU is not specified,  use the “Name”. 

 (Below is a screenshot for an item code in QuickBooks without a SKU. Use the name instead.)

  • If the default item code is set as “AUTO”, we will use the item codes on the invoice. If any of them do not exist in your QuickBooks, they will be created by EzzyBills in your QuickBooks.
  • If the “Default item code” setting is empty in EzzyBills, EzzyBills does not create new item codes in your QuickBooks. It means that,  for any new item code, you will need to add the item code in your QuickBooks before uploading the invoice.  Ensure you click “Refresh/Learn” in EzzyBills Settings so EzzyBills will have this new item code immediately.
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