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EzzyBills User Guide

Upload contacts to EzzyBills

Create contacts in EzzyBills

If you use EzzyBills for extraction only (without an accounting software as exporting target), you can still keep a list of contacts in EzzyBills. This practice is used for better supplier matching.

You have the option to upload a CSV file that contains your contact data.

Data fields

  • Required fields: ‘Name‘.
  • The ‘ID‘ field must be kept unique. If you do not enter a value in the ‘ID’ field, it will be automatically set as the value from the ‘Name’ field.
  • Type‘: 1 supplier; 2 customer; 0 both (if not provided, 0 is assumed)
  • The ‘Business number‘ is important for supplier matching. It is the ABN number for Australia, GST number for New Zealand, VAT number for UK, and PST number for Canada. For USA, you can use phone number. Please provide data for this field, without any spaces. For UK users, there is no need to provide the country code of the VAT number.
  • In the ‘Address’ field: a unique supplier address line (copy one unique address line from this supplier bills, not the multi-line address block).
  • “Account Number”: it is the unique text block that appears on invoices in the header section. If this text block appears on the header section, we will know it is for this supplier.
  • “Bank Account”: for Australian suppliers, it shall contain BSB and account number with a space (example: 062314 10154297)
  • “GL Code”: the general ledger code in your accounting software
  • “Tracking”: job or other tracking data such as class or location.
  • “Tax code”: you can provide a special tax code for this supplier
  • “Workflow”: it is an EzzyBills workflow number. You only provide this if non-active workflow shall be used to process this supplier’s bills.
  • “Tags”: the tags are used for supplier matching. You can enter one tag or multiple tags. Each tag is text block on this supplier’s invoices. It is recommended to open a typical supplier’s invoice, copy one line of text block (not multiple lines) and paste here. Tag is just additional data to aid supplier matching. (An example, you have multiple suppliers with the same business number; on the invoices, the Delivery To address is used to tell which city the supplier is, and so you copy one line of the address and paste here.)

Prepare a csv file

To prepare a csv file containing the contact, download the template csv file and open it in Excel. It is recommended to enter your contacts directly into the template and save the file.


  1. Don’t modify the column headings as they are needed for the import to succeed.
  2. For columns without any data, keep them empty or delete the columns.
  3. Rows without “Name” will be ignored.
  4. If “ID” is not provided, we will use “Name” for it.
  5. It is your responsibility to force the uniqueness of “Name” or “ID”.
  6. If you are importing a large number of contacts, we recommend you “Export” the current contacts to a file in your computer before importing.

Create a single new contact

You can manually create a new contact in EzzyBills by click the “New Contact” button on the Contact page.

We recommend you to search the contact “Name” and “ID” before creating a new contact to avoid duplicate.

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