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EzzyBills User Guide

Google Drive Integration

EzzyBills is integrated with Google Drive. To setup and use, follow the simple steps below:

1) Login to EzzyBills, click Apps.

2) Click the “Google Drive” icon. Scroll to the bottom and click “Connect”.

3) Choose a Google Account to connect to.

4) A message will pop up asking for permission to connect – click “Allow”. You will get a message to confirm this connection.

  • To upload files automatically from Google Drive to EzzyBills, follow the steps below.
  • To export a copy of a document you uploaded to EzzyBills to Google Drive, follow this link: Export to Google Drive.

5)  Navigate to your Google Drive and Create a new folder called “EzzyBillsUpload” (case sensitive)

6) Drag and drop invoice files to this folder. It will be automatically uploaded to EzzyBills for processing and then move the finished files to a folder called “EzzyBillsDone”.

Congratulations! Enjoy!

For a EzzyBills group with multiple EzzyBills users, click Google Drive Setup for a Group Account.

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