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EzzyBills User Guide

How to Sync Office365 Email

Please follow the steps below to Sync your Office365 Email to EzzyBills.

New (January 2024): support the sync of shared email inbox, with details further below.

1. Login to EzzyBills, click the “Sync” link (in the Drag/Drag or Email box), or the top menu Email.

2. Choose one of 3 options: Disabled, Automated, Manual. “Manual” is recommended to get started and later you can change it to “Automated” along with Email > Email Rules. Then click :Connect.

(information for each option is shown below)

3. Follow multiple prompts to permit the connection: login (if you have not done so), and permit.

3.a You will be asked to login to your email if you have not done so in the same web browser; for shared inbox, use the internal email address for login (scroll down for more info on shared inbox).

3.b Permission page. This permission allows EzzyBills to read your emails. If you reconnect, you may not see this page.

4. Check the email folders EzzyBills has just created: After your email account is synced, EzzyBills will create a folder “EzzyBills” , and two sub-folders: Bills and Statements.

Note that, for “Manual” email sync setting, drag emails from your inbox to the folder “EzzyBills” to upload to EzzyBills (not the sub-folders). Note: once they are processed by EzzyBills, you will find them in the sub-folder “Bills”. The subfolder “Statements” may not be used.

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How to use EzzyBills Email Sync

Sync Office365 Shared Inbox

To create/view a Office365 Shared Inbox, follow the link here: Create a shared mailbox – Microsoft 365 admin | Microsoft Learn.

A shared mailbox has its own internal username and password. You can use this link to find out this inbox’s internal username, which will be used later to sync to EzzyBills.

[Screenshot below – an example] in this example, the email inbox address is, but the internal username is

Follow the instruction in the section above to sync this email address to EzzyBills. In the step 3 for permission, you will need to login with the shared mailbox with the “internal” username email address.

Then the email sync will work the same for a shared mailbox as a normal user mailbox.

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