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EzzyBills User Guide

Email approval

Email approval is a very convenient way to approve without the approver to login.

I. How to specify email address for approval?

There are multiple pathways. Choose either one below or a combination of them to suit your need.

1. Email address is not specified in any setting. You needs to specify an email address manually for each bill/expense.

  • Login, click “Search/Approve” > “Waiting Approval“. Select a document, click “Email Approval” to specify an email and send. Before doing so, you can select a document, click “Edit” to review/modify.
  • What is for: the approvers are variable and will need to be determined manually by the account admin.

2. Specify approvers on the Settings page, for level 1 or level 2 approval workflows.

  • Login, Go to Settings > Approval & Expense > Enable Approval Workflow. Specify “Default approver email“, “Level-2 approver email“. Click Save Settings.
  • What is for: the approvers are fixed and pre-known.

3. Specify approvers on the Workflow page.

  • Login. Go to “Workflow“. Select any of the “Submit Approval#” task on a workflow, and use the approval rule for “Default approver” to specify the approval email. This can be set on each level.
  • What is for: the approvers are fixed on each level of approval workflow, and pre-known.

4. Specify approvers on the Settings page, in the “List of Users/Approvers” table.

  • Login, Go to Settings > Approval & Expense > “List of Users/Approvers“. Click “+Add Approver”
  • What is for: for expenses on corporate credit card, employee expense reimbursement, departmental approval etc.

II. Approver to handle email approval requests

The approval will receive an email request for each invoice. No need for the approver to login. Each email is a smart email, showing approval status on the top. The status will be changed after you click any of the approval/reject button.

II.1 Buttons on approval email:

  • Approve: to approve (the invoice will be then exported to your accounting package).
  • Reject: to reject (the workflow ends, and the invoice cannot be approved later)
  • Not for Me: to change approver, or just return to Admin to decide who else to approve (do not click “Reject” button if it is not for you. Click “Not for me” instead)
  • “Add Note” or “Modify“: to review/modify invoice data, add note, add tracking, add additional file attachment, and more.

You can change the which buttons to be shown:

  • Go to Settings > Approval & Expense > Enable Approval Workflow > “Email Approval Level1 Options” (Email Approval Level2 Options), and specify the buttons you want. Screenshot: setting and Screenshot:emai.

II.2 Use web portal to manage all your approvals

There is “All My Approvals” link below the approval buttons in the email. Click it to take you a special web portal, where to manage all of your approvals.

II.3 Manage approval emails in your email inbox

To manage your approval email, you can specify a folder in the your email inbox (not in EzzyBills), and then set up an email rule to move all incoming approval emails automatically to this folder.

For Office365, you can also use tick mark for approved emails.

[screenshot below: manage your approval email]

II.4 Approval request resent (reminder)

The reminder is re-sent in a week if it is not handled, with multiple resends for two months. You can change the frequency: go to Settings > Approval & Expense > Approval Resend Frequency.

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