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EzzyBills User Guide

01. Getting started for MYOB users

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Scan Invoices to MYOB (5 minutes)   

(setup EzzyBills, connect to MYOB, upload test invoices, email approval and duplicate detection.)

Step 1: Setup an EzzyBills trial account

Go to to sign up a free trial EzzyBills account. In the sign-up form, choose Integrate With MYOB Essentials or AccountRight.

Step 2: Connect to MYOB

2.1 Login to EzzyBills. Click Dashboard > “Connect to MYOB” button.

Or, click Apps, select one of the MYOB icons (either one is fine), click “Connect” button below.

2.2 Enter username and password to sign in.


2.3 Then choose a company file and click connect.

Step 3: verification and testing

3.1 View and verify the corrected MYOB file

Where: Settings > Account Settings >”Connect to“.

3.2 Upload bills to test

Where: Dashboard

  • On the Dashboard, you will see the file upload area, with a unique EzzyBills upload email. Upload a bill to test, from from your computer, or email an invoice to EzzyBills

[Screenshot below: Dashboard upload area and 1st successfully exported bill to MYO]

Once it is uploaded, a light green invoice tile will show up, showing the status of the processing. Wait for a few minutes, once the processing is finished, you will see the tile color changes to darker green color (screenshot above).
Move your mouse over the tile, you will see the information (screenshot below). In the bracket is the “Bill Number” – use this number to find this bill that we have just exported to your MYOB.

3.3 Find the bill in MYOB

Use the bill number in EzzyBills on the invoice tile to find the bill in MYOB.

[Screenshot below: an example bill that is exported to MYOB by EzzyBills]

[screenshot below: a service bill created by EzzyBills in MYOB]

  • The screenshot above is an example of a service bill.
  • EzzyBills can also create item bills – you will need to “Enable Stock Invoices” in Settings,
  • An invoice file shall be attached to this bill in MYOB

3.4 What if the test is not successful?

If in step 3, there is an error message on the test invoice tile like this below,

Go to Settings > Account Settings and enter your MYOB Company File User Name and Password. Click “Save Settings“.

(this is the user name and password you use when logging into MYOB Account Right).


Alternatively, you can link your company and my.MYOB accounts and then you won’t need to enter your company file details. You link them by clicking on the checkbox “Link this User ID to your my.MYOB account” when you log into AccountRight.


In EzzyBills, click “Dashboard

Refresh the browser – the failed invoice will begin to process again.

When the reprocessing is done, if the invoice tile turns green as shown on the screenshot for step 2, it means the connection is successful. Well Done.

Step 4: need help with data extraction?

If any invoice data are not extracted the way you want, please email to for help.

EzzyBills uses AI and machine learning to extract invoice data, with machine learning taking some time to work. If you want to resolve issues quickly, please email us. Or read the self help guides below.

Tip of the day:

  • for supplier matching, we use supplier business number or phone number or address in your accounting software to find the best match. Find out more by clicking one of the links below.

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