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EzzyBills User Guide

Set missing claimant

Introduction of claim notification workflow

For expense claims, you may use a claim notification workflow (which contain two workflow tasks related to claim notifications – screenshot).

For document to go through this workflow successfully, you will need to set your claimants: go to Settings > Approval & Expenses > in “List of Users and Approvers” table, add claimants, with column “Bypass Approval” ticked.

Receipts uploaded with a wrong or missing claimant

If the receipt is uploaded to an expense claim notification workflow, either without telling EzzyBills who the claimant is via using Alias Name on the EzzyBills Mobile App or EzzyBills upload email address alias, or providing a wrong claimant, the process will stop with an error. As the EzzyBills admin person, you will receive an email notification (screenshot below).

Or if you login to EzzyBills web portal, you will see the same error message in “Search/Approve“. You can search “claimant” there to find all receipts uploaded with this issue.

How to set up claimant to fix the issue?

You will need to

  1. To find out who is the claimant: go to “Search/Approve”, find the document, 1) check the filename which may contain the claimant for document uploaded via EzzyBills Mobile App, or 2) click “log” then “View email” to see who uploaded the document or what EzzyBills email address was used.
  2. set up the claimant for this receipt in EzzyBills (Settings > Approval & Expenses > in “List of Users and Approvers”).
  3. click the “set claimant” link in the email notification , or login to EzzyBills, find the receipt, and click “set claimant” (screenshots above), and choose from a list of claimant (the one that you just created will show up in the list (screenshot below).

[Screenshot: after clicking “set claimant”]

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