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EzzyBills User Guide

06. Delivery Receipts to Simpro

With EzzyBills, you can upload a delivery receipt (i.e. delivery docket) to Simpro, followed by a bill on a later time.

I. How to Process Delivery Receipts to Simpro

  • upload the delivery receipt/docket to, where is your normal EzzyBills email.
  • upload the Bill to,

II. Your workflow from Order to Bill

1) Create an Order in Simpro
2) When the goods are delivered, load in the Delivery Receipt (via emailing to ), or manually receipt in the Delivery (by clicking the ‘Create Receipt’ next to the Order), and set the Packing-Slip-No equal to the delivery Docket and leave the Invoice number empty.

3) When the Bill arrives, email the bill EzzyBills will find the Receipt by looking for the Receipt whose Picking Slip Number matches the Delivery Number.

(Screenshot below: A bill (only partial header is shown, with a Delivery No specified on the bill)

The Existing receipt will get updated with the correct price (from the bill), and the Invoice number will get set.

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