EzzyBills User Guide

06. Delivery Receipts to Simpro

With EzzyBills, you can upload a delivery receipt (i.e. delivery docket) to Simpro, followed by a bill on a later time.

I. How to Process Delivery Receipts to Simpro

  • upload the delivery receipt/docket to ###.Delivery@ezzybills.com, where ###@ezzybills.com is your normal EzzyBills email.
  • upload the Bill to ###.DeliveryReceipt@ezzybills.com,

II. Your workflow from Order to Bill

1) Create an Order in Simpro
2) When the goods are delivered, load in the Delivery Receipt (via emailing to  ###.Delivery@ezzybills.com ), or manually receipt in the Delivery (by clicking the ‘Create Receipt’ next to the Order), and set the Packing-Slip-No equal to the delivery Docket and leave the Invoice number empty.

3) When the Bill arrives, email the bill  ###.DeliveryReceipt@ezzybills.com. EzzyBills will find the Receipt by looking for the Receipt whose Picking Slip Number matches the Delivery Number.

(Screenshot below: A bill (only partial header is shown, with a Delivery No specified on the bill)

The Existing receipt will get updated with the correct price (from the bill), and the Invoice number will get set.

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