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EzzyBills User Guide

API – Learning Keywords

There are two sets of Learning Keywords.

Keywords for header data

– the overall data for the invoice – not related to invoice table.

“ABN”                                      (ABN or VAT number)
“NZGST”                                  (NZ GST number)
“PONumber”                           (Purchase Order Number) (First, try adding it under Settings -> Advanced Option. If this does not work, you can then add it in the learning)
“SubTotalAmount”                (total excluding tax)
“TotalInvoiceAmount”          (total including tax)
“Receivables”                          (whether this invoice is a sale invoice)
“Reference”                             (for internal usage only)
“Charges”                                (additional charges that are not in the invoice table.) (Only one per invoice can be added.)
“BankBranch”                        (BSB)
“BankAccount”                      (Account Number)
“BankReference”                  (bank payment reference number)

Keywords for invoice table column names (line items)

“keyword_article_code”       (item code)
“keyword_gst”                    (GST/VAT amount)
“keyword_uom”                  (unit of measure)
“keyword_taxcode”           (tax code)

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