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EzzyBills User Guide

Enable workflow approval rules


If you have ticked the Enable Approval Workflow in your EzzyBills account Settings, you can then construct Approval Rules for the “Approval Workflow”.

To find out what approval rules are available. Login EzzyBills, click Workflow, find a workflow with approval tasks, click any of the “Submit Approval” tasks, you will see the current list of approval rules that you can.

  • Click the ones you want to use: enter yes, or no, or specific contents for the rule. Details are shown below.
  • To combined the rules, we use “AND” relationship, not “OR”.

Setup Guides

  • Login EzzyBills, click the Workflow menu.
  • In the middle box, where the active workflow is display, click one of submit workflow task on the flowchart – such as “Submit Workflow1[109]”).

  • Edit the Approval Rules below the workflow chart  (examples are provided below). Click Save Settings below when you finish.


Example 1: Setting Approval Rule based on amount

Use case:

  • for invoice amount less than or equal to $1000, will approve
  • for invoice amount greater $1000, will approve

Use two rules below:

Use the syntax below when click the rule to edit:

Example 2: only need approval when the amount exceeding a value

Use case:

  • for invoice amount greater $1000, will approve.
  • for amount less or equal $1000, no approval is required on this level.

Use this rule below:

Or use this rule:

Example 3: Bypass “Approval Workflow” for invoices uploaded to those “List of Approvers”

Normally, when using “List of Approvers” table, the Approver on the table will get to approve the invoice first, then the invoice will go through “Approval Workflow”.  If you want to bypass “”Approval Workflow“, you can set up an Approval Rule for this workflow task. If you have two-level Approval Workflow, you will need to set up an Approval Rule for the workflow task on both levels.

Use the rule:

Use the syntax below when click the rule to edit:

Example 4: Skip if the approver has already approved this invoice

You should use this rule if your approval is complicated, to avoid the same approver to be sent approval twice.

Use this rule: click to enter “yes”.

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