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EzzyBills User Guide

What to do when PO matching is not found


In EzzyBills, we integrate with many accounting (or inventory) software, such as to Simpro, DEAR, and NetSuite.  If you upload a bill to EzzyBills, we will process it, associating it with the matching PO in your accounting software.

  • we have a special workflow task to handle bill and PO matching. From the bill, we extract the PO number and then look for a matching PO with the same number in your accounting software.
  • If the PO is not found in your accounting software, or the status is not right (for example, the PO is already closed), we will return an error. You will receive an automatic email like this below
  • Please follow the steps below to rectify the issue. We will then continue the processing and finish the workflow task.

What to do?

When you receive an error email message regarding the PO

  1. Click Modify link on the email  (as highlighted in screenshot above) (or in login EzzyBills, perform the same task there)
  2. A new browser window will pop up (screenshot below). Check the PO number extraction. (1) If the PO number field is empty or incorrect, type in the correct PO number; (2) If it is correct, check the PO in your inventory/accounting software; create one if it does not exist.

Please note:

  • Alternatively to the step 1 above, login to EzzyBills, location the invoice – recent 10 invoice tiles are shown on the DashBoard and older ones can be found under Search/Approve. Then click Modify button/link.
  • If the PO number is on the invoice, and somehow it was not extracted. Please forward the email with the error message to for help.
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