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EzzyBills User Guide

Switch Workflow – a workflow task

Switching between workflows including to a workflow that belong to another EzzyBills account can promote efficiency.  Two case studies are provided on this page to demonstrate how.

Case 1: Switch workflow within the same EzzyBills account.

In this case, you want to export this Bunnings invoice to Xero as a bill, then export it to Xero again as a sale invoice with a 30% price increase.

You can break this operation into workflow 1 and workflow 2. Workflow 1 export as a bill, workflow 2 add 30% then export as a sale invoice.

  • Setup workflow 1:  to include “Switch Workflow” task at the end,  Basically,  1) create a new workflow by copying from the existing one, 2) add a new task “Switch Workflow” and connect it up with others. 3)You can rename it if you want, then click save.   (Afterwards, you can set it as “Active” WorkFlow, but only if all of your document will need to switch workflow. Otherwise, leave it as a non-active workflow and upload document to this workflow via email or the web portal.)

  • Set up workflow 2: create a new workflow. For this special case, please include these tasks in the screenshot below.  Note: tasks “set Document Type” and “Price Adjustment” are used to set document type and price adjustment. Rename it if you want and save. 

  • Change the settings for the tasks of “set Document Type” and “Price Adjustment”.  Select one of the tasks, and copy/paste/edit the settings in the setting field then click Save.   Setting instructions and examples are located on the same page for your reference. 

  • Go back to workflow 1 and click on task “Switch Workflow“, set the “value” to the name of workflow 2.

  • The invoice will be exported to Xero two times. The first time is exported as a bill, the second time is exported as a sale invoice with a 30% price increase. 



Case 2:  Switch to a workflow that belong to another EzzyBills account.

It is possible that you may have multiple EzzyBills accounts. It will be very convenient that you could switch to  workflows that belong to another EzzyBills account. 

This time you need to export the same Bunnings invoice to  Xero which linked with one EzzyBills account, then export to Quickbooks that is  linked with another EzzyBills account. 

  • Set up the workflow 1:  in one EzzyBills account (see instruction for Case 1). In the setting field, specify the username and workflow name of the account to switch to. 

  • Set up workflow 2, in the another account (notes: do not include tasks “pre-extract” and “extract”, as those two tasks are already included in workflow 1)

  • The invoice will export to Xero first from the 1st EzzyBills account, and then export to Quickbooks from the 2nd EzzyBills account.  Below is the screenshot of this invoice exported to QuickBooks (it has a separate EzzyBills docID, different from the one exported to Xero).

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