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EzzyBills User Guide

Approval Email Batching

Approval email batching is to reduce the number of emails that an approver will receive.

I. Enable approval email batching

This feature is enabled in the submit approval work task as one of the approval rules. The value in the rule is in the unit of days. For example 0.5 = 12 hours.

II. How does it work?

When enabled the approval email is NOT sent to the approver.  We will wait for the requested batch period and then send an email like this.

When “Batch Approve/Modify” link is clicked, you will be taken to the webpage for “All My Approvals”, which shows all invoices waiting your approval.

For example, if you only want to receive this notification once a day, set batch period =1, Then 24 hours after the first approval email was meant to sent, you will receive one approval email request from EzzyBills.

Note that

  • there is nothing stopping someone going to all my approvals to approve invoices before we send the notification.
  • this batch approval email is ONLY sent if there are approval emails pending.
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