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EzzyBills User Guide

11. Emailing invoice files to MYOB In Tray

This feature is rarely used anymore. It was originally used to bring in invoice files to MYOB as the option to attach to a bill was not available. 

MYOB In Tray is a service that you can email a file directly to MYOB. Once the file is in the In Tray, MYOB then allows you to manually attach the file to a bill.

Create a new workflow to include “Export Email” task

To email to MYOB In Tray, an additional workflow task is required.

1. Login to your EzzyBills account, click “Workflow“.

2. Click New.

3. Choose the “Active” workflow to copy. Then rename the new workflow if you wish. Then click “set as Active workflow“.

4. Click “Choose a Task” – enter and choose “Export Email”. Join this task to be either just before or after the task “MYOB Export” (screenshot below)

5. Click “Export Email” task in the middle section of window, and enter the details below (screenshot below).

With this new workflow, when you upload a bill or receipt to EzzyBills, EzzyBills will send a copy of the file to your MYOB In Tray. You can then manually attach the file to the bill. 

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