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EzzyBills User Guide

Processing item invoices

Item invoices, or stock invoices, are invoices that have “product or service item” on each line, along with quantity and unit price. Item invoices are used to tracking inventory or purchase/sales of each item.

I. Make setting change to enable item invoices

By default, EzzyBills does not export item codes to your accounting software. Setting change is required to enable it.

  • Login to EzzyBills > Settings > Advanced Options > tick “Allow Stock Invoices“. Click Save Settings.
  • You can use other two settings. They are explained in more details below on this page.

II. Use item codes for sales or purchase invoices

We support item codes for both sales and purchases.

For each accounting (or job management) software, the integration is slightly different. Check the specific user guide for each integration to find more information.

III. How does it work?

Item codes extraction

When an invoice is uploaded to EzzyBills and item codes are extracted regardless of the setting, along with other invoice data. You can find the invoice data under “log” > “invoice data” for each document uploaded.

If it is not obvious which column contains item codes on the invoice table, or your invoice table is challenging to get extracted, you can email for help – we provide custom extraction upon request.

Item codes matching

We use “item codes match”, which is exact, and “Guess Item Codes (description match)”. The latter option is used when the first option yields no result and this setting is ticked in EzzyBills Settings > Advanced Options.

To ensure description match work well, your item description in your accounting/job-management software needs to match closely with the one on the invoice file – ensure as many matching words as you can.

If your item description is very different, then you can provide EzzyBills with a list for conversion. This list needs to be uploaded to a workflow task “change part”.

Use default item code

You can provide a default item code, which can be used when no match is found. How is this default item code is used will depend on your connected accounting/job management software.

Allow EzzyBills to create new items

If the default item code is set to be AUTO, item codes will be created by EzzyBills in your connected accounting/job management software.

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