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EzzyBills User Guide

Q21: supported file types

We support multiple ways to upload document and many file types.

File Upload

  • PDF files
  • Scanned images (supported types: PNG, JPG, JPEG, HEIC)
  • Excel (XLS,XLSX)
  • Word (DOCX, RIF)

Please note, if you submit an Excel or Word file, we will first convert it to a PDF format before processing it. To be processed as an invoice, the document must resemble a standard invoice format.

Email Upload

  • Attachments (PDF files, or supported image files)
  • hyperlink in the body that links directly to a PDF file (we do not support password-protected link)
  • In-body email.

When we process an email, we follow this order:

  1. Attachments: If we find a file attached to the email, we will process it first and ignore any other content.
  2. Hyperlinks: If there are no attachments, we will look for a hyperlink to a PDF file in the email body and process it.
  3. In-body email: if there are no attachment and no hyperlinked PDF file, we will process the email body.

EzzyBills Mobile App

  • single-page scan (default)
  • multi-page scans (enable “Multi Page” in settings)

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