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EzzyBills User Guide

2. Customer identification

Smart algorithms

EzzyBills can use many methods to find the new customers and match with your existing customers in your accounting software.

1. Using keywords

If your invoice contains “Sold To” or “Client” or “Invoice To”, then we will extract the Name near these keywords, and match it with one of your customers in your accounting software, or create one if there is no match.

You can provide Customer Keywords  in EzzyBills Setting: Settings > Advanced Options >
Customer Keywords. We will use these keywords instead to find the customer.

Disable customer keywords:

To disable customer identification using keywords, you can enter text string “blahblahblah” or “Disable_Customer_Keywords” in the textbox for “Customer Keywords”.

2. Using name matching

If your invoice does NOT contain these keywords, we will use name matching to match an existing customer in your accounting software.

3. Using alternative name

If your customer name does not match anything on the invoice, you can put an alternative name in your accounting software.

4. Use customer address block

If there is no customer keyword on your sale invoices, and you still want EzzyBills to create new clients, we can use the top line in the address block as the customer name.  To enable this, use “EXTRACT_FROM_ADDRESS” as the Customer Keywords in EzzyBills Settings > Advanced Options.

5. Use special field in the PDF

Alternatively, for a sale invoice in a PDF file, we search the file meta data for the customer: in the PDF title, extracting the customer name to right of “for”.

(to view meta data of the file opened in Adobe Reader, click File -> Properties)


Preventing my company being used

  • Add your business number to EzzyBills Settings for “MY ABN/GST/VAT” (more than 1, use comma to separate)
  • Add your business name to your EzzyBills Settings for “My Company Name”  (a list of suppliers as listed in your accounting software, with comma separating)

note* EzzyBills will only connect to your accounting software to get your customer list once a week, so if you have just added new customer, please click “refresh/learn” in your EzzyBills user settings.

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