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Q32: How to fix supplier matching issue?

  1. Check in EzzyBills to see whether the correct supplier business number* was extracted from the invoice in question. (login EzzyBills > Search/Approve > find the invoice, click “Log” > View Invoice Data (screenshot 1 below)
  2. If the business number is read correctly, go to your accounting software (in Xero Contact, MYOB Cards, QuickBooks Suppliers/Vendors)
    • find the wrong supplier that was used, and ensure the business is correctly set (not using the business number for another supplier).
    • find the correct supplier that should be used, to make sure the business number is correctly set.
  3. If a wrong business number was read, such as your business number was used, enter this business in EzzyBills Settings > MY ABN/GST/VAT for us to exclude (section I of this link)
  4. If the business number is not read at all, check the supplier details, in your accounting software,
    • to make sure 1) the supplier name is identical to the one on the invoice, or 2) provide address, bank details, or phone number for EzzyBills to use for matching.
    • in your EzzyBills Settings, click “Refresh/Learn” (before processing more invoices from the same supplier so that we will get new data from your accounting software immediately. Otherwise, auto refresh is done once a week).
  5. If you need help, email to, referencing the unique DocID number of the invoice in questions.


* ABN in Australia, GST in New Zealand, VAT in UK, and HST number in Canada (9-digit numbers only – omit letters). In USA, the phone number.

[Screenshot 1: view business number extraction]

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