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EzzyBills User Guide

Q46: How does Xero Lock Period work with EzzyBills?

  1. EzzyBills can export bills to Xero before the Xero lock date, but only as “Draft” or “Waiting Approval” status.  For these bills, you cannot manually approve them in Xero successfully – Xero will give you an error message if you do (screenshot).
  2. If you change EzzyBills setting “Exported Status to XERO” as  “Approved” (screenshot), EzzyBills will not be able to export bills to Xero with an invoice date before  to Xero lock date (screenshot).
  3. Note: as “Draft” and “Waiting Approval” bills are not “posted” entries, so they do not affect Xero Profit & Loss statement.
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