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EzzyBills User Guide

06.7 Use delivery address as tracking

What is this method?

We will use any of lines in the deliver to address block to find a match of tracking options that is already in your Xero.

When to use this?

Basically when all the other tracking methods were tried with no results, we will use this. It is “on” even though no tracking keywords are provided in the settings.

How to disable address tracking

Enter “none” in the Settings > Advanced Options > TrackingType. Click Save Settings.

What you need to do?

With this tracking method, you do not need to do anything (no user input, no need to change Settings).

Example Below: 

In this example, the top line within the Delivery To address block on the invoice file is an existing tracking option in your Xero. Without you doing anything, we will automate this for you when exporting this bill to Xero.

(Screenshot below: on the invoice below, we see a Delivery To address block)

(Screenshot below: in your Xero, there is a tracking option: “Belgrave Cartel”.  It match the top line of Delivery To address, we export the bill to Xero, with  the tracking option filled for you.)

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