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EzzyBills User Guide

EzzyBills Integrations with Inventory & Job Management Software

In additional to accounting software, EzzyBills is fully integrated with many inventory and job management software. The integration automates the data feed to these software.

  • Simpro     (integration by EzzyBills)
  • DEAR (Cin7)          (integration by EzzyBills)
  • Scoro          (integration by EzzyBills)
  • Tidy            (integration by Tidy – brief instruction below)
  • Fergus        (integration by Fergus – contact Fergus for more info)
  • Ascora       (integration by EzzyBills)
  • Triumph ERP  (integration by EzzyBills)
  • Workguru  (integration by Workguru) 
  • WorkflowMax by BlueRock at (integration by EzzyBills)

Benefits of using EzzyBills

A real time-saver by automating the data feed!

  • We process lines from bills and automatically match with existing purchase orders (PO).
  • We can also create POs for you.
  • Our item matching between bills and POs are super smart, based on item codes, or description and more.

EzzyBills provides the maximum automation so that you do not need to spend many hours on data entry and manual item matching.

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Set up a free trial EzzyBills account

At the sign-up page, choose one of these software to Integration With (if you cannot find it, use “Custom).

Click Register.

  • Login to EzzyBills account, click Apps, then click the specific app icon and find out how to connect. 
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