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EzzyBills User Guide

03. Scan expense receipts to MYOB

Email or scan receipts to EzzyBills

You can email receipts to your unique EzzyBills upload address, or scan paper receipts using EzzyBills Mobile App.

If expenses are paid from your company credit card or bank account, you can process these to MYOB as

  • an open bill (screenshot) – this is the default behaviour of EzzyBills and you do not need any setup, or
  • Spend Money transactions, posted to a bank account in MYOB. Follow details below to set it up and upload receipts.

With automatic bank feeds, both ways are equally convenient. Which one you use is your personal preference.

How to process receipts as Spend Money transactions

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Step 1: Set-up the bank account in MYOB

Do so if it is not already set-up. It can be a business credit card or a bank account.

  • Make sure you have entered the bank/credit card account number in Banking -> Bank Account Number.  See screenshot below.

EzzyBills will use the last 4 digits of the Bank Account Number.

Step 2: Add Approver in EzzyBills

Login to EzzyBills, click Settings > Approval & Expenses and scroll down to List of Approvers. Click +Add Approver.

Type in the:

  • Name (a short name for the account)
  • Approver Email
  • Last four digits of the bank account number set up in MYOB.

Click Save Changes and it will generate an upload email address for you in the last column.

In this example screenshot below,

  • The upload email is, where is a normal upload email.
  • Bypass Approval is ticked. This means that no approval email will be sent to the approver; the expense will be exported straight away to MYOB.
  • You can choose to leave Bypass Approval un-ticked – an approval email will be sent. Only after an expense is approved, will it be exported to MYOB.

Step 3: Email receipts

  • Compose a new email and add a receipt as an attachment. Send the email to the email address generated in step 2.
  • Or, If receipts are received via email (either as in-body receipt or attachment), simply forward it to the email address generated in step 2 (eg.

(in the example screenshot above, the email address is, where is a normal upload email address)

  • After sending the email, EzzyBills will process it immediately and export it to your MYOB account as a Spend Money transaction, against the associated bank account in MYOB (see screenshot in Step 5).

Step 4: Scan receipts with EzzyBills Mobile App 

  • Download the EzzyBills app from the App store. Login to the app using the same login as your EzzyBills account.
  • Select the Gear Box in the top right-hand corner. Then under Alias Name, add the same name you set in the List of Approvers (Step 2).
  • After the initial setup above, simply click Scan Now to scan a receipt and they will be automatically processed as Spend Money transaction.

Please note that

  • In the Settings for the mobile app, if you do not specify Alias, receipts will be exported to MYOB as Open Bills.
  • If the Alias is specified and it is associated with a bank/credit card (as shown in Step 2) , receipts will be exported to MYOB as Spend Money transactions as shown in Step 5.

Review Spend Money transactions in your MYOB

After upload/scan receipts to EzzyBills, EzzyBills automatically processes the receipts into MYOB as “Spend Money” posted to a bank account.

  • In MYOB, the Spend Money transaction appears under Banking -> Spend Money -> Pay from Account (choose the correct bank account from the drop down list) -> Register   
  • or Banking -> Bank Register
  • Click a transaction to open. You will see the data exported by EzzyBills.

Where is the receipt file?

  • For Spend Money transactions, the original receipt file will be stored in EzzyBills, with DocID number exported to MYOB in the Memo field.
  • To process a receipt as bill, the original receipt file will be attached to the bill in MYOB.
  • EzzyBills can send the receipt file to MYOB InTray. Please follow the link here to add this function.

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