Line item extraction for inventory control and better income & expense accounting

Using EzzyBills to extract full line details to Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Simpro, DEAR, and more

EzzyBills is the best line item extraction software/app in the marketplaces for these accounting and job/inventory systems. We support line extraction from bills, receipts, sale invoices, purchase orders and more.

Best software to extract table line items from bills/receipts

EzzyBills OCR+ Invoice Capture Technology is optimized to process line items from bills, invoices & receipts. We support both scanned images and PDF files. We can process email attachments, in-body invoices, and hyperlinks.

What are extracted? How to enable it?

  • We extract item description, item codes, quantity, unit pricing, discount, total and tax.
  • Line items are extracted by default for most cases.
  • Line item extraction can be customized to your needs upon request.
  • Option to enable the matching of bills with purchase orders (PO), item by item.
  • Option to process bills to an empty/one-line PO or PO already with full items.


Why use EzzyBills?

  • EzzyBills is best at line item extraction.
  • EzzyBills is best at item description and code matching.
  • EzzyBills is best at matching bills with purchase orders.
  • EzzyBills can cater to your special needs.
  • EzzzyBills line extraction is fast and accurate.
  • It does not cost more to extract lines from a document.

The other apps in accounting spaces are designed to process invoice header data, and therefore not able to meet your comprehensive need.

Bring sale line items to Xero, MYOB & QuickBooks using EzzyBills

Try EzzyBills today

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  • If you need line details, but not item codes, you do not need to change any settings.
  • If you need item codes, enable Settings > Advanced Options > Allow Stock Invoices.
  • Email to for customization requests.