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EzzyBills User Guide

Processing bills to NetSuite and Matching with PO


  • For each PO or bill in NetSuite, there are two parts: itemized lines (with an item code existing in NetSuite) and expense lines.
  • To close a PO, each of its itemized lines on the PO needs to be “receipted” and “billed”. EzzyBills automates the process of getting PO “billed” – all you need to do is uploading the bill to EzzyBills – EzzyBills will take care of everything else.
  • Please note that, the link of a PO and a Bill is on the line level of the itemized lines.

Export Bill to NetSuite

When processing a purchase receipt or supplier’s invoice, EzzyBills will: 

  • Extract the key invoice data (date, invoice number, total invoice amount, and tax)
  • Extract the Purchase Order number (An EzzyBills Setting change is required)
  • Extract the lines with item codes and description, quantity, unit price and line total.

How will EzzyBills export data to NetSuite as a bill:

  • If the item codes exist in NetSuite or if EzzyBills can find a matching item code in NetSuite based on the line description, an item line will be exported to NetSuite
  • Otherwise, expense lines will be exported.

Matching with Purchase Order in NetSuite

How EzzyBills will deal with the matching Purchase Order in NetSuite 

  • If there is matching item line (by item code) in the PO, we will link that line to the PO and replace the bill data with the PO data for that line
  • If there is no matching item line in the PO, we will export the bill line to NetSuite.

Example Screenshots (a bill and matching PO in NetSuite fully billed by EzzyBills)

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