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EzzyBills User Guide

Q59: How to extract double tax rates from Canadian invoices? 


For Canadian users, generally you do not need to change any settings. We will be able to automatically extract both federal and provincial tax rates.

These rates/rules should work for any tax rate between 0-15%, including multiple rates (ie. provincial + federal).

I. An example invoices with two taxes.

In this example, the Federal tax is GST of 5%. The provincial tax is 9.975%, which is Québec sales tax.

II. An example tax rates in QuickBooks

In your QuickBooks, set up the tax for your province if you have not done so  (Taxes > Manage sales tax > Add tax).  For this example, your tax codes in your QuickBooks may look like the screenshot below.

III. An example invoice exported to QuickBooks by EzzyBills

IV. How about more than 3 taxes?

No supported. EzzyBills only support up to two taxes on your invoice.

If, on an invoice, there are three taxes and it will need EzzyBills to sum all of them to calculate the total tax, EzzyBills does not support this.

IV. EzzyBills workflow settings – tax keywords

Generally, you do not need any tax keywords. In rare cases, if you do, follow the instruction below:

  • go to Workflow > Extract (click to select “Extract” workflow task in the middle box)
  • Then scroll down to see the settings below. We do have many default keywords for Canadian taxes. If the keyword on a particular supplier of your is new to us, you should add like this (so that they append to default).


  • Tax1 keywords appends to all existing tax keywords and is used to extract the federal tax, or total tax (federal + provincial taxes).
  • Tax2 keywords is used to extract provincial tax (if it exists)
  • For Tax1 Rate, we have a default of 15% (which will work for taxes rates up to 15%).
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