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EzzyBills User Guide

05. Sales Invoices to Xero

I. How to process sale invoices?

II. Invoice due date (xero)

We use the due date settings in your accounting software. The order is:

1.default setting for each customer;

(Screenshot Below: example of one of your Xero customers setting)

2. if not set then, overall default setting for your Organisation in your accounting software

(screenshot below: Xero, Organisation settings > Invoice Settings > Sales Invoices Default Due Date (Optional) );

3. if both not set, use EzzyBills default of 14 days.

III. Sale invoice example

Screenshot below is an example Sales Invoice exported to Xero by EzzyBills (all lines are extracted, with original invoice sent to Xero as an attachment.)

IV. Reference Number

EzzyBills can fill in the Reference field with the purchase order number from your invoices. You just need to change the Purchase Order Keywords setting in your EzzyBills Settings. Find out how here.

Screenshot below is an example of an invoice with a purchase order number.

When the above invoice is uploaded to EzzyBills as a sale invoice, we will export it to Xero as a draft sale, with the Purchase Order number in the Reference field (highlighted in the screenshot below)

V. Discount column

If a sale invoice includes a discount then we will extract and export the bill including the discount % to xero now. Note* only applies to XERO SALE INVOIES (as of March 2023).

Sale invoice example

Sale invoice exported to Xero by EzzyBills

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