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EzzyBills User Guide

02.3 Check before exporting to Simpro

For Simpro users, you can now set up rules before exporting to Simpro.

  • By default, all document are exported to Simpro automatically.
  • Exception rules for manual approval/checking are provided below (current rules as of 18 March 2022)

To use the rules, you will need to modify the active workflow on your account, following the steps below

  • Log in to your EzzyBills account, click Workflow. Click “New” on the top right of your screen. Click the drop-down arrow beside “Choose a Workflow to Copy “and choose your active workflow to copy. Rename it if you wish.
  • Add two additional tasks (“Check Before Export” and “Export Approved”) and connect as shown below. Click “Save”. Click
    set it as Active Workflow“.
  • Click “Check Before Export” workflow task, you will see a list of rules that you can use.  Tick a rule you need, click the blue text for
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