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EzzyBills User Guide

Price Check Workflow (setup)

When executing the “Invoice Price Check” workflow task, the prices on your invoices will be compared with the price list that you uploaded to EzzyBills. It is only applicable to the invoice line where there is an item code.

II. Create a custom workflow to include “Invoice Price Check”

1. Login to EzzyBills. In navigation bar, click Workflow. Click New. Select the active workflow you want to Copy and click Create.

2. In Choose a Task dropdown, type in “Invoice Price Check” to search. click the result to add.

3. Select Invoice Price Check in the middle box

4. Drag the arrows to re-connect the workflow tasks: keep the “Invoice Price Check” between Extract and Xero export, or after Xero export.

5. Click Save to apply your changes. Optionally to rename, you can click “Rename”.

6. Click “switch to this workflow” to make this active workflow.

II. Upload Your Pricelist

You need to upload your price list, following steps below:

  1. Click Invoice Price Check in workflow.

You will see the Invoice Price Check settings below as well as an introduction. In the CSV file, your first column is “Part”, which are the item codes on the invoice.

2. Click Browse. Select pricelist in .csv format, click Open. Or Drag and drop your .csv file directly in your Browse field

3. Click Upload Price List.

Once you finished uploading the pricelist, Use My pricelist file will be automatically ticked.

4. Click Save.

The pricelist is now uploaded and will be used instead of the item code in your Xero account.

Need help?

  • If you want to use this work task but is not familiar on modifying your workflow, you can email us at with the price list you want us to use in a .csv format.

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