EzzyBills User Guide

02.1 Account codes on bills to Xero

How does it work?

We use your  Xero invoice history and Xero Contact data to assign account codes to your invoices, line by line.

  • The invoices that are still in the draft folder in Xero will not be used by EzzyBills. Only recent approved invoices (for several months) will be used.
  • If default purchase account code is set in Xero Contact, we use it when there is no description matching can be found in your xero invoice history.
  • Login to EzzyBills, click Settings, then Refresh/Learn. With this, EzzyBills will retrieve new Xero data before next file upload. Otherwise, we automatically retrieve Xero data once a week.

For a new supplier, if there is no matching history data in term of description, we will use most commonly used the account code in your Xero.

What to do when incorrect account codes are used?

If the account code is incorrectly assigned, then you shall do the following,

  1. Open the invoice at XERO, and modify the account code. Click “Approve”. (we will learn from your modifications for future use)
  2. If the same account code is used for all this supplier’s bills, set it in set the account code in Xero Contact data under purchase default.
  3. If you want EzzyBills to use supplier default account codes first (Xero invoice history second), click “Workflow” > “Xero Export”, the copy/paste the following jason data to the setting

Set account codes for your suppliers in EzzyBills (new as of March 2023)

You can set default account code in EzzyBills for a supplier or customer:

  • Go to EzzyBills > Apps > Contacts, search for the contact, and then select an account_code for this contact. Please note this column of data is not coming from Xero, or QuickBooks, or any other accounting software – all other columns of data are from your accounting software.
  • If you set an ‘account code’ for a supplier/customer, then this account code will get used when we export the transaction (provided the user did not override this account code during approval).
  • This ‘account code’ will also get used if you enable the ‘SET ACCOUNT CODE’ workflow task (i.e. this code would get account code set prior to approval).
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