Simpro & EzzyBills Joint Press Release – April 2021

11 April, 2021

Posted by

Li Fitzmaurice

Upload your Job Costs to SimPRO

The EzzyBills team have recently released new functionality for SimPRO customers that allows you to upload or email your job costs directly into a SimPRO Job.

This new functionality with save SimPRO customers time as well as further eliminate the human error that comes with manually entering data into SimPRO.

This is just one of the many features that the EzzyBills integration offers to SimPRO customers.

EzzyBills is a two-in one app that helps business with invoice processing and management approval. The software supports bills, sales receipts, purchase orders and statements with line-item extraction.

Other functionalities of this robust integration between EzzyBills and SimPro include:

  • Extracting supplier invoice data into SimPRO
  • Creating a purchase order in SimPRO from an emailed document
  • Matching invoices with purchase orders
  • Using the EzzyBills approval process so that invoices can be approved before being submitted for payment

“We are very excited to share this new functionality with the SimPRO community,” shares Michael Fitzmaurice, Co-Founder of EzzyBills. “We hope new SimPRO customers will join the hundreds already using EzzyBills.”

To use this new feature, EzzyBills subscribers can:

  • Create a Simpro job cost workflow.
  • Upload receipts to this workflow.
  • The invoice will wait in EzzyBills for the job costs to get assigned to it.
  • Find the receipt on the EzzyBills dashboard and chose the right job.
  • The expense will be automatically exported into SimPRO and attached to the corresponding job.

EzzyBills is proud to integrate with SimPRO.

To see the technical documentation to set up this new feature, visit the support article on this topic.

To learn more and sign up for a free EzzyBills trial visit the EzzyBills website.

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