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EzzyBills User Guide

11. Expense approval for Simpro users

Expense approval before exporting to Simpro is optional for Simpro users. You will need to modify the standard Simpro workflow to create a new workflow that include approval tasks.

I. Approval workflow options

For simRPO users, you can use

  • generic EzzyBills approval workflows, or
  • project manager approval workflow that is for Simpro only.

II. Generic EzzyBills approval workflow

Email to or call us, we will set up according to your company approval process.

III. Project Manager approval workflow (or PO creator approval workflow)

With this workflow, the approver is determined by EzzyBills looking up the job manager in simPro (under PO > JOB > Manager)

1. How to enable this?

  • Login EzzyBills, click Workflow top menu.
  • Click New. Choose the “Simpro Project Approval workflow”, click Create.
  • Choose the “Simpro Project Approval workflow”, click Switch to this workflow

The project manager workflow will be like this screenshot below, with two additional workflow tasks: “Proj Manager Approval” & “Proj Manager Approved”.

If you need approval from PO creators instead, click the workflow task”Proj Manager Approval”, and below it, copy/paste the example setting to the setting textbox. Click “Save” below. So the setting will like this screenshot: PO creator workflow.

2. How does it work?

  • When an invoice uploaded to EzzyBills, EzzyBills will read the PO number off the invoice. Then find this PO in Simpro and the job manager for this PO and his email address.
  • EzzyBills then email this job manager an approval request (job manager will then click a button on the email to approve, reject, or modify/approve).

Screenshot 1: a job in Simpro

Screenshot 2: a PO in Simpro, allocated to a job

Screenshot 3: EzzyBills Approval Email 

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