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EzzyBills User Guide

Q36: How to obtain the correct invoice date?


EzzyBills uses sophisticated algorithms to work out the invoice data, and the success rate is extremely high.

Invoice date for locked period

  • For Xero, EzzyBills can export bills to Xero before the Xero lock date, but only as “Draft”. Find out more
  • For QuickBooks and MYOB, EzzyBills cannot export bills to locked period. So we change the invoice date to today’s date when exporting.

Need help?

If, in a rare case, the invoice date is not extracted correctly, please

  • email, referencing the unique DocID number of the invoice in question. We will resolve the issue for you.

Override invoice date (for MYOB user):

If you want to use the invoice upload date as the invoice date, you can include this setting for the workflow “MYOB Export”:

“state”: 148,
“keywords”: [
“name”: “overrideInvoiceDate”,
“value”: “upload”

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