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EzzyBills User Guide

Email Forwarding to EzzyBills from Hubdoc

You may use Hubdoc to retrieve bills (such as, from Bunnings Warehouse) for you.

Auto forward these bills to EzzyBills so EzzyBills will publish the bills to your accounting software. This way, you will get accurate tax rates, and line items for your purchases.

This can be done automatically. To setup, only once for each supplier (i.e. account)

1. login to Hubdoc and choose an organisation. Click Accounts (top right corner). A new window will pop up.

2. Click the Destinations tab. Scroll down to Email Forwarding, type in your EzzyBills upload email address ( – replace aaaa with your unique upload email), and click add.  If you use EzzyBills email extensions, you can add them too, such as

3. Click the Manage Accounts tab. Choose Automated Accounts (or a Manual Accounts for manually uploaded bills). Choose an account (such as Telstra in the screenshot below)

4. Scroll down and tick “Forward to Email Addresses“, and tick Auto-Send, and tick an email address that you wish to use. Click Save. (Also, if ticked, untick “Configure Rules for Xero”)

(The result of the change will be for this account, only Email Forwarding is ticked. See screenshot below)

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all the accounts that you wish to set up the auto-forwarding to EzzyBills. You can do that for both Automatic Accounts or Manually Accounts.

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