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 EzzyBills Workflow Types

Invoice & Approval Workflows

The most important workflow type, used to process invoices, receipts, and many other document, with approval options.

Statement Workflow

It is used to process supplier statement and generate statement reconciliation report. 

Event Workflows

Such as weekly auditing report and download invoice history etc. 

 Introduction to EzzyBills workflows

EzzyBills standard workflows

There are many standard workflows that are ready to use. After signing up a free trial account, you will have a default active workflow to use.  For each integration made by EzzyBills, there are several default workflows you can use. Such as for Xero users, the default workflow is “XEROBILLS”, which can be used to process bills, expense receipts, and sale invoices. Other standard workflows for Xero users are “XEROBILLS APPROVAL” and “XEROBILLS APPROVAL LEVEL2”, which becomes active when you tick level 1 or level 2 approval workflow, respectively, in Settings.

Active workflow

Each EzzyBills account has one “active” invoice workflow, which is used for all document you upload by default, unless a different workflow is specified. To view, login EzzyBills, click “Workflow“, you will see the active one and all the other workflows.

Use an non-active invoice workflow

To specify a workflow that is not “active” when upload/capture a document to EzzyBills,

  • Use the unique EzzyBills upload email address for that workflow
  • For drag/drop/select files after login EzzyBills web portal, click the drop-down arrow and select a workflow before uploading.
  • When using EzzyBills mobile app, specify the workflow in the Settings under “Alias Name”, using the convention: “”

Create EzzyBills custom Standard workflows

To create your own,  simply choose from the 100+ task options to add, connect and go. Examples are provided below

New workflow tasks are created by EzzyBills all the times.

You can create a new task yourself, providing a webhook for EzzyBills to connect to it.

Create custom workflows – DIY guides


Use the following example to add your custom workflows. If your case is not shown here, please email to for help.

  • Build a new EzzyBills workflow to export files to Google Drive  – all your invoice files you upload will be saved to your google drive. More 
  • Check PO status for MYOB  – check to see if PO exists and/or has been received. If not, the bill will fail to export for now and will keep checking.  More
  • Price Adjustment – unit price on each line will be adjusted up by a percentage (that is set in EzzyBills Settings). This is for converting a bill to a sale invoice with a price markup.  More
  • Enable Statement Reconciliation Workflow – if you upload a supplier statement by email, a reconciliation report will be generated. More
  • Create a customer table – use learning rule to extract custom values and then create table from these values. More 
  • Invoice Price Check – if the prices of your uploaded invoices has some changes, the result will be emailed to you. More
  • Account Split – will split a bill across multiple Accounts, items descriptions will be based on the Account Code split. More (#4)
  • Set up Approval Workflow for 3rd and 4th Levels   More
  • Set Tracking – add this workflow task before exporting – you will be able to upload a csv file with 2 columns: tracking data extracted, tracking data during exporting to your accounting software. more
  • Switch workflow –  Switching between workflows including workflows that belong to another EzzyBills account. More
  • Create A Sale invoices from a Purchase order. More

Find out more: Summary of available EzzyBills custom workflow tasks