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EzzyBills User Guide

Price Check workflow

“Invoice Price Check” is a workflow task that can help you track any price changes with each item on your purchase invoices.

What Does Invoice Price Check Do?

With “Invoice Price Check” workflow task enabled, we will check the prices on your invoices against your price list. With this workflow task, you will be able to upload your list of prices that include “item code”, “description” and “price”.

How to include “Invoice Price Check” workflow task in my EzzyBills?

Create a custom workflow to include the additional workflow task – “Invoice Price Check”.

How does it work?

  • It works if your EzzyBills Setting “Allow Stock Invoices” is on. And there are item codes on the invoices that we process.
  • After you upload an invoice to EzzyBills, we will extract the line details with item codes and compare the prices on the invoice with your list of prices.
  • If there are price differences, we will write to the processing “log” on the invoice (which can be viewed in EzzyBills).

Produce Price Check Report

You can produce a price check report for recent invoices, following the user guide below:

  1. Login to EzzyBills.
  2. In navigation bar, click Apps.
  3. Click Price Check Report (make sure do not use “Price Check” app, which is obsolete)

4. Below, click Start under the “How To” instruction.

5. After clicking Start, a pop-up message “PRICECHECKREPORT Started” will appear, click OK.

If there are any price differences, you will receive an email containing the result, for recent invoices.

Note: there is another “Price Check” app in our app list below. This app is obsolete. Please do not use. (It was created to check the invoice price against the item prices that you have in your accounting software, such as Xero. As this app was not maintained – it may not work as intended).

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