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EzzyBills User Guide

Connecting EzzyBills to NetSuite

Follow the steps below to Integrate Ezzybills with your Netsuite account

Step 1: Setup an EzzyBills trial account

Go to and click 14 days Free Trial; Follow the prompt to set up a user account.

Step 2: Configure NetSuite for bills and expenses

(to connect to EzzyBills) 

EzzyBills can be connected to NetSuite via token based authentication. In order to do so, you will need to generate an application ID, consumer key and consumer secret as well as a token ID and token secret.  Below is a step-by-step guide.

2.1 Create an Integration Record at NetSuite

Login to NetSuite and click Setup -> Integration -> Manage Integration -> New. Set up a new integration as shown below.

  • Name: EzzyBills
  • State: Enabled
  • Authentication: tick Token-Based Authentication

Click Save (screenshot above), and you will see the application ID and consumer key/secrets. Copy and paste them in a text file on your computer to save a copy. Copy them into the EzzyBills Settings as shown in Step 3 below.

2.2 Enable Token Based Authentication

  1. Setup -> Company -> (Setup Tasks)  Enable Features > SuiteCloud > Manage Authentication
  2. Make sure “Token Based Authentication” is enabled
  3. Save

If this feature is not enabled, you will not see the permissions required in the next step.

2.3 Create a Token Role

The administrator does not have token permissions by default. If you do not create a token role and assign it to your administrator, you will get a “Login access has been disabled for this role.” error when creating a token.

  1. Global search for page: role, then choose “New Role”  (or Setup -> Users/Roles ->Manage Roles->New)
  2. Name: EzzyBillsRole
  3. Navigate to “Permissions > Setup” and add the following permissions.
    • User Access Token: Full
    • Accounting Lists
    • Access Token Management: Full
    • Soap Web Services: Full (Note: on some versions of Netsuite the name is Web Services instead of SOAP Web Services)

Click Save.

2.4 Add Token Management Permissions

  1. Global search for page:employees
  2. Find your name, and Edit your employee record
  3. Navigate to “Access > Roles” and add the token auth role you just created

2.5 Create Access Tokens

  1. Global search for page: tokens. 
  2. In the search result page, click Edit.
  3. Click New Access Token
  4. Select the APPLICATION NAMEUSER, and ROLE we created earlier, then press Save. (See screenshot: form below)
  5. In the next window, Copy/paste the token ID and token secret, and paste to a text file on your computer. Paste them into the EzzyBills Settings as shown in Step 3 below.

(Screen shot below: fill in the form as shown)

(screen shot below: the resulting window after clicking Save.)

2.6 Add web role permission

Go to Setup -> Users/Roles -> Manage Roles -> Search. Fill in “ezzybillsrole” as the name and click Submit to search.

In the next window, click “Edit” to edit the EzzyBillsRole.

Navigate to Permissions, and add the following permission. First, under Lists, add the followings:

Secondly, under the Transactions, add the followings:

Click Save.

Step 3: Edit EzzyBills Settings

Login to the EzzyBills trial account you set up in Step 1 for your NetSuite company.  Click Settings and add the following NetSuite data to your EzzyBills Settings

  1. Netsuite Account: login Netsuite,  Setup -> Company -> Company Information. Copy Account ID field and paste in this EzzyBills Setting.
  2. Netsuite Consumer Key: use the Consumer Key you saved at Step 2.1
  3. Netsuite Consumer Secret: use the Consumer Secret you saved at Step 2.1.
  4. Netsuite Token ID: use the Token ID you saved at Step 2.5.
  5. Netsuite Token Secret: use the Token Secret you saved at Step 2.5.
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