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EzzyBills User Guide

Google Drive Integration for A Group

If you have an EzzyBills group account (ie. multiple EzzyBills accounts under a primary user), then you can connect the primary user to Google Drive, then create an upload folder for each EzzyBills account and any document you upload into the sub-folders will automatically get uploaded into their Ezzybills Account.

For example. you have an Ezzybill account called ‘EzzyStore’.

You then created 2 additional accounts in your group: ‘Deakin Store’ and ‘Burton Store’

To integration with Google Drive, follow the steps below:

  • First,  connect my EzzyStore account to Google Drive. In this process, you create the EzzyBillsUpload folder.  (see how: Google Drive Integration for a single user)
  • Then,  create 2 subfolders ‘Deakin Store’ and ‘Burton Store’.

If you upload invoices into there respective folders, they will be uploaded to the corresponding EzzyBills accounts. For example,  files in the ‘Deakin Store’ will automatically get uploaded into the ‘Deakin Store’ EzzyBills account, and then get exported to the accounting system that the ‘Deakin Store’ account is linked to.

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