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EzzyBills User Guide

Attach the email body to a bill in your accounting software.

When you email an invoice to EzzyBills, in the email address, append “.SaveEmail“. With this, EzzyBills will extract the invoice and save the email body as a pdf file and export both of them to your accounting software. Without appending the “.SaveEmail” alias, we will only export the invoice file.

1) Below is an example of the email.

2) After sending the email, if you have turned on the approval setting, you will see the following two file links on the approval page- see the screenshot below.

3) After exporting the invoice to your accounting software, you will see the following invoice tile at EzzyBills web-portal with a note “#attachments: 1”.

4) When you open the invoice in your accounting software, you will see a few file attachments. The following image shows an example in xero: The three attachments in the document are notes.pdf which is the approval notes, email.pdf is the email body and the last file i.e., 7091792.pdf is the invoice attachment.

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