EzzyBills User Guide

Using EzzyBills Analysis tool

EzzyBills Analysis is a tool that will help you streamline invoice review process – a great time saver!

It is a tool that will produce a list of invoices that you have processed recently, for which your review is highly recommended, with the data fields that need review highlighted.

Benefit to use it? 

It will create a small list of invoices for you to review. It is highly recommended that you review all invoices, but special attention shall be given to these identified by the EzzyBills Analysis tool, and these data fields highlighted.

How to use it? 

Login to EzzyBills, click top menu “Analysis”. Then click the button “Start Analysis (Documents to Review)”. It will take a few minutes for the analyses to be created. You will then go through each invoice in the result, to make sure each has been reviewed and actions are taken. When all invoices are reviewed, click “Clear Analysis” basically to make them all as reviewed.

Note that For Xero/QuickBooks user, you will be able to click a link to Xero/QuickBooks to review it in your accounting package. Fast and Seamless!

  • Use it periodically: if you do it weekly, you will be able to quickly go through the review process. Note that each time you click the button “Start Analysis”, only the new invoices that have not been reviewed will be processed.
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