Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use and Privacy Statements for all EzzyBills Users:

Terms of Use: These Terms are binding on any use of the Service and apply to You, a registered user, from the time that EzzyBills provides You with access to the Service.

  • EzzyBills Services will evolve over time with updates on the website. It is Your obligation to ensure that You have read, understood and agree to the most recent terms of use on the Website.
  • The free trial is limited to one month and maximum 100 invoices. After the free trail, it is Your obligation to pay for the service if you wish to continue to use. It is Your obligation not to apply different user names for the same service. Use of the EzzyBills Service may be subject to limitations, including but not limited to monthly transaction volumes.
  • Your invoice data remain Your property. However, Your access to the data is contingent on full payment of the EzzyBills Access Fee when due. For your account that is not paid for the services for longer than a year, EzzyBills may delete the data from its database without notice.
  • You must maintain copies of all data input into the Service. EzzyBills adheres to its best practice data back-up regime and accounting industries’ best practices in record keeping for a minimum of seven years.  EzzyBills does not make any guarantees that there will be no loss of data. EzzyBills expressly excludes liability for any loss of data no matter how caused.
  • EzzyBills automatically processes the invoice data for you, and it acknowledges that the success rate is less than 100% due to various reasons. EzzyBills attempts to extract line items from each invoice, however it does not guaranteed that the line items on all invoices will be extracted due to various reasons. It is Your obligations to validate all EzzyBills invoice data extraction before using them for accounting and any other purposes. EzzyBills excludes any liability for any inaccuracy of the invoice data extraction.
  • EzzyBills charges all invoices processed from Your invoice-uploading emails, Your manually uploaded invoice files or Your connected cloud storage (such as Google Drive) against Your invoice quota that is allocated at the time of payment subscription. It is done regardless of whether there are invoice files in the email attachment, directly in the email body, or in the email body as hyper links, regardless of the document type, and regardless of the accuracy of  the data extraction.

Privacy Statements:

  • EzzyBills collects Your personal data You provided when You registered and is committed to protecting the security of Your personal information.
  • EzzyBills may monitor Your invoice data processing, for the sole purpose of improving invoice processing accuracy for You.
  • EzzyBills will not disclose Your personal information and invoice data information to a third party unless You have provided Your explicit consent or compelled by the court orders.
  • EzzyBills does not store Your payment card information.

Terms of Use and Privacy Statements for Google Drive Access:

EzzyBills’ usage of Google Drive is described below.

  • EzzyBills only reads files from the dedicated folder You created on Your Google Drive named “EzzyBillsUpload”
  • Once a file has been uploaded to the folder (“EzzyBillsUpload”) by You, it is processed by EzzyBills for invoice data automation and moved to a folder named “EzyyBillsDone”, which will be created by EzzyBills if it does not exist.
  • EzzyBills does not delete any files in Your google drive.
  • EzzyBills extracts invoice data from the files in your Good Drive folder “EzzyBillsUpload” and exports them to Your accounting package that You have authorised EzzyBills to integrate with. Other than this, EzzyBills does not share any of Your google drive files and the information contained on the files with any other third party.

EzzyBills scope usage of Your Google Drive includes: