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An example on how to build a new EzzyBills workflow

In this page, we will show you an example to build a new EzzyBills Workflow, which is

An example custom workflow: Exporting to Google Drive

In this example, a Xero customer with a normal workflow wants EzzyBills to export invoice files to their Google Drive after exporting to Xero. They have already set up Google Drive connection to EzzyBills. Now they are following the instruction below to add a new workflow to their EzzyBills accounts.

1. Login to your EzzyBills account, then click  “Workflow” in the menu

2. Click New

3. Click on “Choose a Workflow to Copy” and choose the Active workflow from the drop-down list, then click Create.

4. Rename the Workflow (eg. xerobills google), then enter and choose “Google Drive Export” from the “Choose a Task” drop down on the left hand side.

5. Connect the workflow components as shown on the screenshot below.

Use your computer mouse

  • to delete an arrow/task: click it to select, and hit “delete” key on keyboard.
  • to create a new arrow: mouse over a task, position the cursor at the middle point, click, hold and release at any point of the next task.
  • to connect: left mouse click the middle point of one task, hold, and release at the middle point of the next task.

6. When all components are connected, click Save.

If there are any errors: click, hold & drag each task around to find any broken connections, and delete any un-used arrows and click Save again. It should fix the issue.

7. Click the drop-down arrow and choose “xerobills google” and click “set as Active WorkFlow“.

Step 7 is optional. For the this Google Drive Export example, you should do it. But for many other workflows, you may choose not to do this step; then this new workflow becomes a non-default workflow, which has a unique email address to upload invoices to it.

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