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EzzyBills User Guide

2. Supplier extraction & matching

I. Edit EzzyBills settings related to supplier matching

Go to Settings Account Settings, enter details for “MY ABN/GST/VAT No.” and “My Company Name”.

It is the best to fill in your company data in these two settings so that your company will not be used as a supplier. For UK users, enter the VAT number without country code. For Canada users, enter the GST number without any letters. For USA users, enter your phone number without special character.

For each setting, you can provide multiple entries, separating by comma.

II. Provide supplier details in your accounting software

In your accounting software, provide detailed suppliers data if you can.

Minimum supplier data: supplier business number

A business number is either ABN, GST, or VAT number, depending which country you are in (i.e. ABN for Australia, VAT for UK, and GST number for New Zealand, Canada GST number without any letters). For USA, it is the business phone number.

Other key supplier data: phone number, address, bank details

Key supplier details include, phone number, address, bank details, in the order of importance. If you do not have any of these details for your suppliers, you should have a supplier name closely matches the one on the invoice.

When multiple suppliers have the same business number, it is super important to have one piece of distinctive data (either of account number, address, phone number, email or bank details)

For multiple suppliers with the same business number

Method 1: (new as of 2024)

Use “tags” field in EzzyBills Contacts page.

  • This field is meant to be used for the case of multiple suppliers with the same business numbers (such as ABN for Australia).
  • This field is used as the secondary information for supplier matching, not the primary method (If there is no ABN on the invoice, tags alone will not lead to supplier matching correctly).
  • This field is different from “Account Number” field in Xero Contact (which can be used as both the primary or secondary method for supplier matching).

How to use it: Tags are blocks of text which appear on the invoice files. You can add multiple text blocks separated by the pipe symbol ‘|’. Screenshot

Method 2:

In Xero Contact, use “Account Number” field to differentiate these suppliers: basically copy a unique text string from the invoices of each supplier, and paste into the Xero Contact for this supplier, in the field of “Account Number”.

For MYOB and QuickBooks, there is no account number field for supplier data. So we use other field. Find out more

III. Take advantage of EzzyBills automatic learning

When reviewing the bills that have been exported to your accounting software by EzzyBills, if the supplier is unknown or incorrect, modify it, we will learn from your changes.

If a wrong supplier is used, check the wrong supplier details in your accounting software, to eliminate the reason why it was used (for example, it uses the same business number as the correct supplier).

Automatic learning is done on weekly basis. For Xero users, the learning is only from bills with the status of “Waiting for Approval“, “Waiting for Payment“, or “Paid“. For MYOB and QuickBooks users, the learning is based on “Paid” bills only.

IV. Get help from our support team

Email to for help, referencing your use name and the DocID number of the bill.

Together, let us aim for 100% supplier matching success rate.

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