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EzzyBills User Guide

Q35: How to extract the correct Purchase Order numbers?


PO numbers are often important.

  • PO numbers are used to match bills with the PO in your accounting software and automatically receipt the PO.
  • We also use it to obtain other information from the PO, such as the supplier name and account codes.
  • For bills exported to Xero, we put the PO number in the “Reference” box beside the invoice number (invoice# | PO #).

EzzyBills Settings relevant to PO number

With the correct settings in EzzyBills, we will extract the PO number from the document you upload.

  • By default, for Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks users, we do not extract PO numbers. You will need to change settings to enable it.
  • By default, for Simpro and DEAR users, we extract PO numbers.

More on PO number settings and extraction

Trouble shooting

If the correct PO number is not extracted:

  1. Modify EzzyBills Settings to include more PO keywords, separating by comma (go to Settings > Advanced Options > PO Matching > Purchase Order Keywords).
    • Note: use + only once, at the beginning of the keyword list. Do not need to include colon “:” in the keyword as we filter it out.

2. Email, referencing the DocID number of the invoice in question. We can add a learning rule for this supplier’s invoices.

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